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ok, ok...

Well since I went out tonight and now I can't find my knife to cut myself up wtih to release the angst, I suppose that I'll just extend the contest for another week. So next friday at 10pm or so, thats when I'll have the cut off. So yea, you guys got an extra week to get in those poems and earn yourself 15 shiny new scene points.

I'm gonna go and cry in my pillow now I think cause my corner is getting fumigated for bugs that are attracted to blood and tears. I didn't want to do it cause they'r eliving creatures too, but my mom was all like "Hey, this is unhealthy and needs to stop." And so I wrote her this really sad poem about suicide and she told me that it was either the bugs going, or I was getting sent to a shrink. And you know, I don't want a shrink. It's not like that can actually understand the torment that I go though everyday...

Umm, that was off topic. anyways, you guys got an extra week to get up those poems. I look forward to crying along with you.
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