M. L. Rambaud (misformurmur) wrote in bangstomyballs,
M. L. Rambaud


I don't want to say. I'm much too old to be part of this scene and you may chase me away for it.


How many scene points do you have? (if you don't know, please look in the memories to find out)
63. However if you give me points for all the second hand clothes I own, I would have an infinite amount because I used to work at Goodwill and almost all of my clothes are second hand.

Length of bangs:
long enough to hide behind when I'm crying.

Pictures: (not needed but cool anyways. Ideas are crying, bleeding, doing windmills in a moshpit...)

5 Favorite Bands:
2)The Faint
4)Crying All the Way to the Bank
5)Tickle Me Emo

5 Favorite Movies:
1)City of Lost Children
3)5th Element
5)The movie I made about a thin, young girl with long, dark bangs crying at a show. It's in black and white, there are no words only music, and only I have ever seen it. It's untitled.

Favorite place to cut yourself:

Favorite emo saying:
"I went to a club the other night and laughed at the goths."

Favorite corner to sit and cry:
Any. My bangs are so long they provide instant cover.

What is your favorite cryproof eyeliner?
Cried out eyeliner looks the best.

Best emo band ever:
Too many to choose.

Worst emo band ever:
Where do I start?

Asst Questions
What color are your eyes?
Bloodshot from crying.

Do they look pretty when you're crying?
I can't bear to look at myself when I cry. It's too... painful.

Are you an aspiring photographer?
Not aspiring. I am.

Do you take a lot of pictures of yourself in mirrors, car windows, sunglasses, etc?
Mostly in the reflective surface of stagnate pools of water.

How many emo shows do you attend a year?
Probably more than anyone I know. Infact, so many more, that I haven't even seen people I know there.

Do you sway back and forth while hugging yourself and crying to the music?
Only when the lead singer is watching.

Do you hate your father?
How dare he raise me with everything I've ever needed! What kind of life experience is that? NONE! ...bastard...

Essay Time!
Why are you "emo"?
I don't wear enough lace to be goth.

What does "emo" mean to you?
How can you ask me to quantify that in words? Now, I'm getting choked up...

What makes you emo?
I was hoping you could tell me.

Straight Edge: Why or why not?
That depends on what you mean by "Straight Edge".

Shameless Self Promotion
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