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Age:15 (the hardest age i will ever go through...until i turn 16 of course)

Location: hell

How many scene points do you have? (if you don't know, please look in the memories to find out) 19...BUT...WHOEVER WROTE THAT THING IS A POSER. GOD.

Length of bangs: well...if i grow them out will that make me more emo? god. I cant believe i didnt fucking know that. thanks for ruining my fucking day. *sigh*

Pictures: (not needed but cool anyways. Ideas are crying, bleeding, doing windmills in a moshpit...)

5 Favorite Bands:
1)my chemical roamnce
2)taking back sunday
3)good charlotte
4)simple plan
5)yellow card

5 Favorite Movies:
1)the crow
2)riding in cars with boys
3)the lost boys
4)the nightmare before christmas

Favorite place to cut yourself:behind my left earlobe, such a sweet pain...

Favorite emo saying: "physical self inflicted pain is better than emotional pain you cant control. can i get a 6-6-6?

Favorite corner to sit and cry:i like istting in the corner of mylaundry room and bawling. the sweet aroma of my spring fresh fabric softener sheets can not overpower my dark, unbearing sadness.

What is your favorite cryproof eyeliner? anything from Hot Topic

Best emo band ever:definately Good Char.

Worst emo band ever: there is no fucking bad emo band. what the hell are you smoking?

Asst Questions
What color are your eyes?blue

Do they look pretty when you're crying? they do. i cry so much that my tear ducts run dry. then i must replinish them with clear eye hydrating eyedrops with redness reliever, and i gaze at them admiringly in thebathroom mirror. they look neat...

Are you an aspiring photographer? duh.

Do you take a lot of pictures of yourself in mirrors, car windows, sunglasses, etc? i take this awesome picture whenever its raining. i sit on the inside of a window and my photographer is on the oustide and i press my hands up against the window and look up at the stormy sky with a sad distraught look on my face. i like to call it 'trapped' which pretty much sums up my pathetic life.

How many emo shows do you attend a year? at least 60. i have no friends. *slice, cut, stab*

Do you sway back and forth while hugging yourself and crying to the music? of course...i like to let myself get lost in the complex, depressing music.

Do you hate your father? "cuz we lost it all, nothing lasts forever, i'm sorry i cant be perfect" -perfect by simple plan. I HATE YOU DAD! STOP RUINING MY FUCKING LIFE.

Essay Time!
Why are you "emo"? it just comes natural, like when i walk into hot topic a huge crowd surrounds me and alot of them are just asking "how did you get so emo" and i just answer with "its natural"

What does "emo" mean to you? what emo means to me...ugh...why bother. you wouldnt understand.

What makes you emo? everything about me.

Straight Edge: Why or why not? Of course. why waste your life by using substances to create artificial euphoria? i dont feel the need to be happy anyways....

Shameless Self Promotion
Please use the promo banner for 3 different places and list them here:
1)my lj
2)my melo
3)my dj
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